Benefits for Your Home  

It is said that your home is your castle? It is your sanctuary, the place where you go after a hard day at work and feel safe and relaxed. A Feng Shui analysis can help to make your home even more comfortable by identifying any negative or unhealthy areas and remedying them to create a soothing and healthy environment, for yourselves and your family. At the same time positive areas can also be identified and enhanced to help create an even more harmonious environment, supporting the health and wealth of the family as a whole.

In brief the benefits can be:

  • Location of current & future Health & Wealth areas
  • Help to activate the Positive aspects in your home
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Health
  • Strengthened Career Prospects
  • Reduced Stress
  • Inspiration to Initiate Change in your life
  • Help with Design Ideas
  • A balanced, soothing environment
  • Ideas for Redecorating or Re-arranging Furniture
  • Assistance in choosing a Good Home for you & your Family.


When is the best time to Employ a Feng Shui Professional?

Building your home

It is easier to fix problems in the designing stage of a home than after it has already been built. In fact it would be ideal for a Feng Shui analysis to be undertaken before you have even purchased your land. A practitioner can review the house plans, give you an idea of the best direction your home should face and the general surroundings

that would best promote the positive elements around you. In this way the land purchase can be made with the end result in mind. If you already own the land however the Feng Shui analysis can provide an insight as to the ideal direction a house can face.

It can also identify your current and future Health & Wealth areas and the balance of elements that should best promote them. I can help you with the layout of your home; identify which rooms would be ideal as bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas, studies and living areas. The analysis will provide direction on the colour schemes best suited to promote the positive aspects of your home and reduce the negative aspects. All of which can be done in the designing stages of the development This alone can make a vast difference in the feel and tranquility of a home when you move in.

My aim is to work with you, your builder or Architect to ensure that your home supports yourself, your relationships, family and, of course, your future Health and Wealth.


Extending or renovating your home.


Extensions and Renovations can change a home significantly. A separate Feng Shui analysis is undertaken on the home and the proposed extension.



The extension could be an entirely different chart to the home itself and as such will have to be looked at separately and together. The time period in which a building is completed has a significant affect on the balance of natural energies.




Balancing the energies of both areas can make a vast difference to how you feel in your home and the feeling of the home itself. Depending on the results of the analysis the colour schemes and decorations of the various areas may differ to ensure the appropriate measures are taken to promote Wealth, Health and the general feel of the home.


Selling your home.

A Feng Shui Professional can advise you in the presentation of your home so that the positive areas are enhanced to ensure the best outcome possible for you.



If you have ever walked into a home and felt uncomfortable you are sensing the imbalance that exists in the house. By making appropriate decoration changes based on a full analysis of the house, it is possible to create a more welcoming feel to the home.



Obviously this is what the possible buyers will experience when they walk into the home.


Buying a new home.

Purchasing a new home is often one of the biggest financial decisions we make in our lives. A Feng Shui Professional, such as me can go to the property and undertake an analysis of the building to ensure that your current and future Health & Wealth areas are not blocked . before you commit to buy!



Remember when buying a home it is usually a long-term proposition so we need to know that you will purchase a home that works for you rather than against you according the principles of Traditional Feng Shui.




I charge a fee to go out and have a look at the property and give you feedback on whether it will be a good home or not before you commit to purchase. This fee is deducted from a Full analysis should you decide to go ahead with one afterward.

Decorating or Redecorating your home

Many of us live quite happily in homes that suit us and where we prosper and enjoy good health. There are times however when we need to change the colour schemes of our homes, either from boredom with current schemes or we feel our house is no longer harmonious. Feng Shui principles tell us that nothing is static and like all other areas of our life the energies within our homes change with time. In Feng Shui there is a natural twenty year cycle that brings about significant change to the way in which elements interact and the manner in which they affect our Wealth and Health. There is also a less significant but equally important change that takes place on a yearly basis.

To ensure the colour scheme, and furnishings in your home are best suited to the promotion of your health and wealth it is advisable to have a Feng Shui analysis on a yearly basis to provide direction on any changes that may be beneficial to the harmony of your home.

In many cases these changes do not need to be profound, it all depends on the results of the analysis.

One of the additional services I can offer to my clients in additional to the Feng Shui analysis is help with decorating ideas which are creative and need not be expensive to undertake. I always work on the principle that there is more than one way to do things and that all changes should be within the financial means of my clients, wherever possible.

I offer this service with Feng Shui and without as an add on service

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