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Property Styling is about Creating a place you love on the budget you have

What is Property Styling “For Sale”


Maximizing the Profit in your Property for Minimum Cost

Home styling is about showcasing your home to the broader market. We want your home to create a lasting impression to potential buyers.

When people buy a home the first thing they want to do is to put their own stamp on their home. People want their home to represent their style and taste. When they decide to sell however we must not assume that everyone will like their style. You will be limiting your market.

Remember we want to appeal to the larger market not just a few that like your design. We help give you the objectivity needed to present the home to the broader market and ways of doing this that are cost effective. Again you must remember that when you decide to sell the home you need to then start thinking of your next move and that the home no longer belongs to you. Release the emotions and memories attached to your home – they are yours and can never be lost. Now it is time to see your home as someone else’s.

Hard as this is, I know, as you do grow attached to things but you need to depersonalize the home to suit all potential buyers. A fresh set of eyes can make the difference and give you a fresh perspective, as well as a step by step guide on how to best achieve this. Let’s face it; if a home feels good and looks great your property is Sold!

People buy on emotion and how a buyer feels directly impacts on the price they offer. Home styling gives you the greatest opportunity to sell your home Quickly and for Good Profit.


What is Property Styling when you just want to Refresh or Re-Invent your own style

There are times in our lives when we go through difficult times like separation, Divorce or maybe the loss of someone that you loved.



It is at those times that we sometimes would like the input of someone with fresh eyes to make your home look a little different to ease the memories of the loss we have had to endure. It is like refreshing or restarting life all over again.

This is a Huge step and one that needs to be done gently and without stress. I can help you to reinvent your home to represent you using your furniture or new furniture the choice is yours. Refreshing or Re-Inventing that old look can be a lot easier for someone who is not in the situation you are now facing. It is amazing what we can create together.




The idea is to create a New Look for minimal Cost.


New Property? Merging two Households?

I’M moving to my New home and not sure on how to lay out my furniture and give my home that New look.

Lounge 5

It is amazing how a home can look so different with just a little re arrangement and an eye for design.

Are you trying to merge two households and make it look like it all belongs together? This can be difficult, I know, I

have been there. Again doing this with someone out of the family who has a good eye for design can be a God send.

We work one room at a time to create that special look that represents you and your personality. The idea is to teach you how to decorate your home and what to look for so that you can carry on without me in the future should you decide to re-decorate.


Are you Renting?

I know when you are renting you are a little limited in what you can do as far as decoration. But for the time being this is your home and you want to put your stamp on it and make it yours for the time that you stay there.


This is quite easily done with layout of furniture colour choices and a few inexpensive accessories. You would be amazed at what can be created for very little expense.


How do we do this?

You make an appointment to meet with Julie.


This is usually a 2 hour consultation where Julie will talk about your home and how we can improve the way the house looks to get maximum impact.

A Step by step action plan can be written up for you with tips on how to style your home, so that you can systematically work through with your family and friends


Julie can help you with contractors for any minor work that needs to be done. It is up to you. Julie is there to make this as easy and as Stress Free as possible for you.

Julie can help you with creative ideas to style your home. Again we want Maximum impact at Minimal cost as much as possible.

If you’re selling every week your Property is on the market it is costing you money, which ultimately comes off your profit margin. If you are just restyling or redecorating we want to give your Property that wow factor. Something that says this is yours!

Remember if you are selling people want a Property they can move straight into. The rest are renovators or developers looking for a Bargain. I guess you have to ask yourself “What sort of Buyer are you looking for?”


Some of the things I look for if selling a property:

Curb appeal What your Property looks like from the outside.
The Front entrance Is it cluttered or looking tired.
Room Usage How you utilize the space
Colours What colours have you used throughout the home
Clutter Do we need to de-clutter or depersonalize the space
Furniture Placement How best to place your furniture for maximum appeal.
  List what works and what does not.
  Do we need to hire furniture?
Overall Look at the home Do we need to freshen up?
  Are there general maintenance/repairs we need to do?
  Do we need to clean and deodorize?
  Do we have pets to consider?


How best to Create the Ambiance and Style that will appeal to the majority of buyers as First impressions count, and we don’t get a second chance to create this.

Let’s face it a few dollars spent on making your Property look great can greatly improve your chances of making a Quick Sale and for the Right Price.


Some of the things I look for if you are looking to Re-Invent or Restyle

How the property looks on the outside sets the scene for what is on the inside.

Lounge 4

First impressions really do count.

If your property is messy on the outside, then people will ASSUME that it will look the same on the inside.

Obviously if you are renting you don’t have much say but try to keep your area tidy and clean.

I look at the Property room by room with you so that I can get a handle on what your style is. What decorations (colours) you have used, what furniture you have and how best we can lay the Property out for you to create that NEW look.

Do we need to freshen the place up a bit? How can we best achieve that?

It is about creating a place you love on the Budget you have.


When do you employ a Property Styler?

When you decide to place your property on the market for sale. When your property has been sitting on the market for too long.

Are you Down sizing?
  Combining two households
  Separated, divorced
  Lost someone you love
  Moving into a new property and don’t know how to bring your style together
  Renting and limited on what you can do but want to create a space that is uniquely you?

These can be very trying times and with a little help we can re-create your space with less stress. Having someone with a fresh set of eyes can help you to re-create the space you want using what you have with a difference. Again it is about creating a place you love on the Budget you have. I pride myself on being able to make something out of nothing and have it look great. It is all about minimizing costs to you without compromising on style


Point of difference

  • The Use of Feng Shui Principles.
  • My Ability to make a property look like a home on a Budget set by you.
  • My ability to find creative solutions to potential problem areas and make House a Home.




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