Biography of Julie

Feng Shui Adelaide SpecialistJulie is a Trained Nurse who worked in the Health industry for a number of years both in the City and Outback regions of the Northern Territory.
Julie moved on to using both her Experience and Training to Present Tailored Courses on Self Development & Stress Management for Residential & Corporate clients  through Infinite Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Julie has always had an interest in Feng Shui, and  having read many books on the subject, which  she found very Confusing and Contradictory.   Julie then decided to obtain some  Formal Training in Feng Shui through a Master of Traditional Feng Shui, the World Famous Master Joseph Yu.
Having researched and studied over a period of  years, like most Feng Shui Specialists, Julie feels she will be studying this art for the rest of her life. A prospect she finds both Exciting and Challenging.
Julie developed Feng Shui Lifestyle & Design in 1999 to give Individuals, Residential & Corporate clients, Authentic and Professional Services. To bring Balance to their Environment, and Promote Prosperity and Well Being for All.
Having worked in the Feng Shui industry now for the last 19 years, Julie has now started to Develop Property Styling and Interior Decorating & Design as a part of the services she can offer. Having studied Professional Home Staging  and  Property Styling ,Julie feels she has a lot more to offer her clients.

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