Welcome to the New Website

Hello! To my  Clients and those I am yet to meet.

Finally, we have a New Website! I think you will agree it is a little fresher and more up to date. I would like to thank all my clients and followers for their patience and understanding during this process. I know you have been missing the Newsletters, but now I am hoping to stay in touch now with the Newsletters. You [caldera_form_modal id=”CF5c1b803b3aedd”]must sign in[/caldera_form_modal] to receive the Newsletters, so do that now.

The Shopping side of things is still being developed and things will be added slowly over time. I am still looking for some wholesalers here in Adelaide to work with me, so if you are interested please contact me via email Julie@lifestyle.test. I would like to support our state and the businesses in it, as much as I can.

Please sign up for the Newsletters and tell your friends as this is a good way for me to keep in contact with you on a regular basis and keep you all updated on progress with the shopping side of things and to share some Interesting Information. I will be writing about many different things, Feng Shui and much more. I will be introducing some new services over time so stay tuned. If you would like to book an obligation Free quote please either call me or go through the website and email me. This is my busiest time of year so be patient if you don’t get through to me, leave a brief message on my answering service and I will call you as soon as I am free.

If you would like an obligation Free Quote to look at your Home or Business, [caldera_form_modal id=”CF573429e8f1d1b”]click here[/caldera_form_modal] or call me on Mob: 0411 554 395.
This consultation takes 30 minutes of your time and you will be left with information and a Quote.
I will then follow you up a few days later to see if you would like to go ahead.

Enjoy my first Newsletter

Till next time…….