How to choose a Consultant
and What to Expect

Choosing a Consultant is not always Easy. There are many Practitioners Advertising at this time. Some have been Trained by Feng Shui Masters, many have not. Here are some questions to ask to help you to Decide which Practitioner to Use:

  • Do they Practice Traditional Chinese Feng Shui?
  • Were they Trained by a Recognised Feng Shui Master?
  • For how long and to what level did they train with this master?
  • How to you Feel when Talking with them?
  • Do they Claim to do the Impossible?

What Tools will they Use to Assess your Building?

Whilst there are many Individual Methods or Ideas promoted by Different Masters and Practitioners, those who use the Time, Space, Compass School of Feng Shui will use a Compass to Determine the Buildings Orientation a “LoPan” to help with the Calculations Essential to a True Feng Shui Analysis.

I personally also carry an Electromagnetic Field Tester. This is not something all Practitioners Carry or Feel is Necessary but my feeling is that with the Increasing Electromagnetic Radiation that is Invading our Environment through Electronic Devices of all Kinds, it helps to Identify Possible Stress Areas within a Home or Business. Whilst Not Necessary for the Traditional Analysis due to the fact that it wasn’t a Problem until Electronics became such an Integral Part of our Life, I find it helps with Positioning Furniture in a Healthy way.

What is Needed to Assess your Building?

To undertake an Analysis using the Comprehensive Time, Space, Compass School a Practitioner will need:

  • A Scale Floor Plan of your Home or Business premises
  • Where Renovations or Extensions have been carried out the Plans should clearly show the Original Building and the Renovations
  • The Year the Building was Built
  • The Year in which Renovations or Extensions were Undertaken
    (This information is usually accessible from your Local Council or Lands Title Department)
  • The Date of Birth of all Occupants in a Home or the Date of Birth of the Owner/Operator of the Business and 4 Key personnel.

IF a Consultant Does Not Ask you for these things it would be my Recommendation that they may not use the most Comprehensive Method of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Adelaide Planning

Remember……Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is a Mathematical System

Not superstitious folklore

What Sort of Cures and Enhancements will they Use?

Traditional Chinese Feng Shui uses the 5 Elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water & Wood to Enhance or Reduce the energies in a Building and its Surroundings.

Colour, Shape , Texture, Sound and Movement are all of the cures and enhancements used. This  should blend into the natural style of the home. People Entering your Home or Business would not necessarily know that you had had Feng Shui done, BUT it Feels Good and They Feel Good when Entering.

Rather than use decorations sold by many stores throughout the country where cures are based on superstition, it is possible to Implement Decorative Changes that Flow Easily into the Natural Style of the Building.

Decoration can be Inexpensive and Practical. The Feel of the Environment is all Important. If Decorations are not in Harmony with its Environment then they do not Promote Good Feng Shui. Occupants will Feel the Changes Almost Immediately.

What to expect from my Consultation?

All Consultants are Different, some will Produce Written Analysis, and others will simply provide Verbal Recommendations. There is no Right or Wrong, all Consultants are Different.

I provide a written Report with all of my Findings and Recommendations. It is my belief that this makes it Easier for my clients than having to Remember everything said over a period of two or three hours.

Remember a Consultant cannot make Guarantees that you will be Rich and Famous or that you will be Cured from your Illnesses. For some of us this isn’t our Path or Destiny.

Consultants can only make Recommendations that will Enhance the Positive areas of your Home/Business and Decrease the Negative Aspects based on Feng Shui principles. When balancing your environment you are then more likely to make the Right decisions for yourself than Wrong ones.

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Feng Shui Helps to Facilitate Change in your Life for the Better, the Decisions you make Determine the Outcomes.