What do I get with My Feng Shui Analysis?

A Full Written Report in a Presentation Folder. There is also Information on Design and Decorating ideas.

This will detail:

  • The Cures and Enhancements used in Traditional Feng Shui (Flying Stars). These are based on the Elements using Colour, Shape, Texture, Sound and Movement. They are listed for your Reference with their Associated Characteristics.
  • The outside environment called “Form” is considered as this can affect the way Chi Flows into your Home/Business. Any cures necessary in this area will be listed.
  • We look at the Chi Flow around the Home/Business and through the Building.
  • An analysis of the Entrances into the Home/Business and where they are positioned are identified with both positive and negative affects. Suggestions on how to enhance or reduce these areas as necessary.
  • Every room in a Home/Business or building has a Health and Wealth star. These will either be positive or negative depending on the star chart. All buildings have positive and negative areas. The first thing we look at is the Health, for what is Wealth without Health. These are enhanced or reduced as necessary. In a Business it is a little different as the Wealth is considered more important.
  • Design & Decorating Ideas are also given at the time of the Analysis.
  • Where to place Water inside and outside the building to encourage Wealth and Good Fortune.
  • All Furniture Placement and Bed Placement is given to bring the best for all occupants. Design and decorating ideas are given when doing this.
  • Your Birth date, Gua Number and Chinese Animal and the characteristics of each. Your Favourable and Unfavourable directions for sleeping, working, relationships and other areas of your life.
  • Garden Design Ideas.

The Analysis takes us about 2-3 hours to go through so that you fully understand what we have done. I follow you up by phone on a Regular Basis to see how things are progressing. There is not additional costs for this.

How long does a Consultation take?

This varies from person to person. A first consultation could take a few hours depending on the Size of the building and the Number of occupants. Expect a consultant to spend as much time outside the building as well as inside. A Report and Recommendations will then be made for you after Calculations have been done. These can either be verbal or written. This can also take a consultant several hours depending on the possible problem areas. Your consultant should sit down with you and explain the report step by step so that you have a full understanding of the issues involved and the recommendations made to you.

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As in any Business Deal be sure that you know what the Service is and What it will Cost. If you are unsure Feel Free to Ask your Consultant, they should be only too happy to Clarify any queries that you have.

I Secure an Initial Deposit and when the Report is Presented the Final Balance is paid.

I accept direct deposit,  details of account will be written on your quote. Payments must be put through at least two days prior to appointment time. Remote Analysis must be paid upfront and a date to go through you analysis will be sent to you with a paid invoice.