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Metal runs through the earth like veins. It is capable of reinforcing and yet under the right conditions can be pliable. Metal can be a very precious substance like gold, silver, and platinum or other metals such as iron and copper. There are a number of uses to which various metals can be put.

Metal can be made into constructive building materials or destructive devices like swords or guns. When dealing with the metal element it is important to create the form which best suits your purpose.


The season of Metal is Autumn.

How to recognize Metal Elements

The shapes, materials, plants and colour used to represent the metal element are listed in the table below:

Domed oval
Domes & curved roof.
Corrugated iron roof.
All metallic
White flowering shrubs,
Preferably round in shape.

By using objects these that contain these features it is possible to balance the harmony within your building in line with Feng Shui principles.

Metal Type People

Metal people tend to be loners with a tendency to look inward when looking for answers. They can be very focused, intuitive, confident and aggressive depending on the circumstances they find themselves in. Metal people tend to battle more with themselves than anyone else. At times this can make them sad, but the more they learn to be open and communicative the happier they become and strong friendship can follow. Metal people can be very good in any profession. Good motivators they can create an atmosphere of cooperation when seeking a common goal. Metal represents justice and righteousness and truth as well as sadness and longing.

Possible occupations

Military, Police, Electronics, Engineer, The Arts.

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