The Elements – Wood



Wood by nature is flexible, expansive and represents growth. Strength is inherent in the Wood nature through its ability to adapt to the changes of season without breaking. Its roots go deep. Wood also bears fruit, flowers and a seed for future growth. The energy of Wood moves upward like the branches of the tree.


The season of Wood is Spring.

How to recognize Wood Elements

The shapes, materials, plants and colour used to represent the wood element are listed in the table below:

WoodTall Rectangular
Apartment Towers.
Sky Scrapers.
GreensObjects fashioned from wood e.g. furniture, toy box, coffee table.
Vertical blinds.
Tall trees
Tall plants

By using objects these that contain these features it is possible to balance the harmony within your building in line with Feng Shui principles.

Wood Type Person

The Wood person is always moving toward and achieving goals. Wood people tend to be ideas orientated, yet practical, always looking to ways to expand and grow. By nature Wood people are very communicative and like to always have people around them. When setting goals these people always aim is to achieve it. They can be strong willed and have a strong temper when others do not do what they expect. Like Metal people their conflict is within themselves If they feel inadequate they work that much harder to prove themselves. Wood people can handle a lot of pressure, have few friends but ultimately they always look to the future.

Possible Occupations

Architecture, landscape Design, Interior Design, Fashion and Photography.

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