What is Feng Shui?

“Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement”,
Originated in China some 6000 years ago.

Feng  Shui is a Mathematical study of the Environment, Places, Buildings, People and Time. Based on a Complex set of Principles developed over thousands of years.

Feng Shui combines Natural Elements, Architecture, Astrology, Physics, and Design to reveal the Inherent Energies of the Buildings we live in and use in our Daily Lives.

In its early stages Feng Shui was a Secret Art known only to the Rulers of China. Chinese Rulers kept the Secrets of Feng Shui from the Common People to Enhance their Power and Good Fortune around their Temples and Palaces. They believed that by being the Sole Users of these Principles their Power could be Enhanced to Ensure their Rule over their Subjects.

It wasn’t until Recent Times that Feng Shui Secrets were Revealed to the people outside of this Privileged Circle. As the number of Practitioners Increased and the Use of Feng Shui Spread to the General Populace, New Simpler Methods of Feng Shui were Created.

Based on  Simple Understanding & Superstition these methods were but a Small part of the Traditional Process today. Unfortunately the Western Understanding of Feng Shui is Based on these Superstitions.

Feng Shui Adelaide traditional garden

The method of Feng Shui I use is called Xuan(Time) Kong (Space) and Fei Xing Pai translated as “The Flying Stars” or “Compass School”. This method is used by most of the Traditional Feng Shui Masters. It is the most complex but the most Accurate Form of Feng Shui.

Form or the Outside Environment, the Year a Building is Completed, the Exact Direction it Faces, the Nature of Natural Elements such as Wind and Landscape are taken into consideration when doing an analysis under this method.

In addition the Birth Dates of the Buildings  and  Occupants are considered to Determine how Best each Individual Interacts with the Feng Shui elements within the building.

With the increase in the World’s Population, Increased Pressures in Life and the Ever Increasing Strain on Our Natural Environment, I believe we Need to be more Aware of our Surroundings and how they Affect Us than ever before. We are after all a Product of our Environment and our Interaction with it.

Feng Shui offers us a way to Create and Maintain an environment that is in Harmony and promotes Family and Business Co-operation.

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Feng Shui Helps to Facilitate Change In your Life

For the Better.