Property Refresh

Property Styling is about Creating a Place you Love on the Budget you Have

What is Property Styling when you just want to Refresh or Re-Invent your own style

There are Times in our Lives when we go through Difficult Times like Separation, Divorce or maybe the Loss of Someone that you Loved.

It is at those times that we  would like the Input of Someone with Fresh Eyes to make your Home Look a Little Different to Ease the Memories and the Loss we Have had to Endure. It is like Refreshing or Restarting Life all over Again.

This is a Huge Step and one that Needs to be Done Gently and without Stress. I can help you to Reinvent Your Home to Represent you, Using Your Furniture or New Furniture the Choice is Yours. Refreshing or Re-Inventing that old look can be a Lot Easier for Someone who is not in the situation you are now facing. It is Amazing what We Can Create Together.

The idea is To Create a New Look At Minimal Cost.

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New Property? Merging two Households?

modern living room with design furnitureI’m Moving to My New home and not sure on how to Lay Out My Furniture and Give my home that New look.

It is amazing how a home can look so different with just a Little Re- Arrangement and an Eye for Design.

Are you trying to Merge Two Households and make it Look Like it all Belongs Together? This can be Difficult, I know, I have been there. Again doing this with Someone out of the Family who has a Good Eye for Design can be Just What you Need.

We work One Room at a time to Create that Special Look that Represents You and Your Personality. The idea is to Teach you how to Decorate your Home and what to Look for so that you can Carry on Without Me in the Future, should you Decide to Re-Decorate.

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