What is Space Clearing?

It is about Clearing imprints from the past to present. Confused? Well, if we listen to our Scientists, it has been proven that everything carries and energy and is made up of energy.

Objects carry a residual imprint from the energy around it, both past and present.

Emotions, positive and negative leave a residual energy in a building, be it Residential or Commercial.

Please do not think that if you build from scratch that this wouldn’t carry any residual energy because you haven’t lived in it yet. There are the energies of the ancestors that owned the land and the building has already picked up imprints of all those that built the building. Buildings are the witnesses to all that happens within its walls. We can also be affected by this energy without even knowing.

I am sure you have all experienced places that just well……didn’t feel right. Well, there is a reason for that.

Many cultures from many countries have practiced space clearing for thousands of years.

When would you do a Space Clearing?

  1. Moving into a new Home/apartment/business
  2. After a separation/ Divorce/Depression
  3. Selling your Home/Business
  4. Building a New Home/Starting a New Business
  5. A death in the family
  6. Serious Illness/Relationship issues
  7. After Purchasing Antiques
  8. After an argument/fight/ violence
  9. Preparing for Life change
  10. To create clarity and stimulate new beginnings/success

Why would you do it?

Because Space clearing clears residual energy from past ancestors and owners of the land and building.

This creates a space in which you can grow and create your own energy and in a space that supports you, your family or business for years to come.

It helps to Harmonise the earth energy Geopathic Stress.

Helps to harmonise areas of EMF (Electro Magnetic energy)

Re-Energise Your Space Now!

Residential Home

1-2 Bedroom   $250 + GST

3-4 Bedroom   $350 + GST

Commercial Business

Small 6 Rooms $350+ GST

Larger Commercial property

Quoted On application.

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