What is involved in a Consultation?  

Step 1

Make an Appointment for your Obligation Free quote.

Step 2

Our first consultation is for me to look at the premises and then explain to you what I do for a Feng Shui Analysis and what you should expect from this. I will leave information with you to discuss with your partners and a follow up with a phone call the next day.

Step 3

If you decide to go ahead ...... I will ask you to provide:

  • A Scale floor plan of your home or business premises.
  • Where renovations or extensions have been carried out the plans should clearly show the original building and the renovations.
  • The year the building was built.
  • The year in which renovations or extensions were undertaken.
    (This information is usually accessible from your Local Council or Lands Title Department).
  • The Date of Birth of all occupants in a home or the date of birth of the owner/operator of the business.

Step 4

  • I will come to your home or business and assess the building, and its surroundings.
  • I will take an accurate compass reading to determine the direction at which your house sits.
  • I examine your home or business room by room taking into consideration placement of furniture, colours and decoration.
  • This process can take up to 2 hours.
  • I then take this information and prepare a written report detailing the results of the analysis.


All of my findings from the analysis will be explained to you.
My recommendations will be provided in the report. Additional help with implementing the recommendations can be provided as a separate service should you wish.
This consultation can take a little longer than 2 hours.

Step 6

A follow up consultation will be arranged with you after 6 weeks and regular follow up by telephone over a 12 month period. These consultations are to see how things are going for you and to make any minor adjustments that may arise.
There is no charge for the follow up consultations.

We are available by phone during business hours for questions you may have during that 12 month period.

How to choose a Consultant and What to Expect

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