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Earth is known as the core element of Feng Shui. The Earth element is seen this way because in nature the earth bears the nourishment for all living things to survive. It is also seen as helping with the transition from one season to another. If you look at the cycle of life it is the earth transforms dead organisms to form new life. When any living organism dies, it is broken down by the earth and the organisms that live within it creating a new cycle of life that living plants can use to feed themselves. The earth is known as the transformer due to this process.


The Earth element contains all of the seasons

How to recognize Earth Elements

The shapes, materials, plants and colour used to represent the earth element are listed in the table below:

EarthSquareFlat roof.
Low square apartment blocks.
Things made of the earth.
Low square box hedges.
Flowers in earth colours.

By using objects these that contain these features it is possible to balance the harmony within your building in line with Feng Shui principles.

Earth Type People

Earth people are predominantly Fair people. They tend to be worriers, and do not like quick change in their lives. They like to do things gradually and at a steady pace. If an Earth person undertakes any change is always well thought out before any action is taken. They make wonderful managers and organizers but their focus is on practicality and perseverance not grand ideas and schemes. Born realists they like to work on the realities of a situation rather than the possibilities.

The Earth person is not overly emotional but they are sensitive. Whilst an Earth person can be stubborn and rigid in their ideas but they can be trusted and are truthful in their dealings.

Possible Occupations

Construction, Real Estate, Marketing, Banking and Health care industries.

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