Some of the things I look for when Selling a Property

How best to Create the Ambiance and Style that will appeal to the Majority of Buyers as First Impressions Count, and We Don’t get a Second Chance to Create This. Let’s face it a few dollars spent on making your Property look great can greatly improve your chances of making a Quick Sale and for the Right Price.

Are you thinking of Restyling or Redecorating

Interior design: Big modern living roomSome of the things I look for if you are looking to Re-Invent or Restyle
How the Property looks on the Outside Sets the Scene for What is on the Inside.

First Impressions Really Do Count!
If your Property is Messy on the Outside, then people will ASSUME that it will Look the Same on the Inside.

Obviously if you are Renting you don’t have much say but try to Keep Your Area Tidy and Clean.

I look at the Property Room by Room with you so that I can get a handle on what Your Style is. What Decorations (colours) you have Used, what Furniture you have and How Best we can Lay the Property Out for you to Create that NEW look.

Do we need to Freshen the place up a bit? How can we Best Achieve That?

It is about Creating a Place you Love on the Budget You Have.

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When do you Employ a Property Styler

When you decide to place your property on the market for sale.

When your property has been sitting on the market for too long.

Are youDown sizing?
Combining two households
Separated, divorced
Lost someone you love
Moving into a new property and don’t know how to bring your style together
Renting and limited on what you can do but want to create a space that is uniquely you?

These can be very Trying Times and with a Little Help we can Re-Create Your Space with Less Stress. Having someone with a Fresh set of Eyes can help you to Re-Create the space you want using what You Have with a Difference. Again it is about Creating a Place you Love on the Budget you Have. I pride myself on being able to make something out of nothing and have it look great. It is all about Minimizing Costs to you without compromising on style.

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Point of Difference:

My Use of Feng Shui Principles.

My Ability to Make a Property Look like a Home on a Budget Set by You.

My ability to Find Creative Solutions to Potential Problem Areas and make a House a Home.