How do we do this?

JulieYou Make an Appointment to Meet with Julie.
This is to work out exactly what it is you are looking to achieve and for Julie to explain what she can do to help you. This usually takes about an hour (no charge). Information will be left with you and a quote. A follow up phone call will be made to see if you want to go ahead a few days later.

If you decide you want to have Julie Help you then an appointment is booked in for you.
This is Usually a 2 Hour Consultation where Julie will Talk to you about your Home and How you can Improve the way The House Looks to get Maximum Impact for Selling OR if you just want to Refresh or Re-Invent ideas on how you can Achieve that, at Minimal Cost based on a Budget Set by You.

A Step by step action plan can be written up for you with tips on how to Style Your Home. This is something you can Systematically Work Through with Your Family and Friends OR if you would like, Julie can Help you create the look you want on the budget you have. It is up to you. Julie is there to Make this an Easy and  Stress Free as possible for You.

If you would like Julie to Help you please Click here

Restyling or Redecorating?

Julie can help you with Creative Ideas to Style your Home. Again we want Maximum impact at Minimal cost as much as possible. If you’re selling, then  every week your Property is on the market it is costing you money, which ultimately comes off your profit margin.  Remember if you are selling people want a Property they can move straight into. The rest are Renovators or Developers looking for a Bargain. I guess you have to ask yourself “What sort of Buyer are you looking for?”

Restyling or Redecorating?

Like me I like to change things up a bit from time to time.

Do you want to give your property the Wow factor, something that says this is You!

A totally different look but  can be changed easily?  We all need to create our Sanctuary.

This is especially important if you are Renting, because there is little that can be done to the main structure.

You would be Amazed how you can Change the Look and Feel of a Property at Very Little Cost.

If you would like Julie to Help you please Click here