Are Your Renting

Bright pillows, towels and plaids on shelves, isolated on whiteI Know when you are Renting you are a Little Limited in what you can do as Far as Decoration. But for the time being this is Your Home and you want to Put your Stamp on it and make it Yours for the Time that you Stay There.

This is Quite Easily Done with Layout of Furniture Colour Choices and a Few Inexpensive Accessories. You would be Amazed at what Can be Created for Very Little Expense.

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What is Property Styling “For Sale”?

Maximizing the Profit in your Property for Minimum Cost
LoungeHome styling is about Showcasing Your Home to the broader market. We want Your Home to Create a Lasting Impression to Potential Buyers.

When people buy a home the first thing they want to do is to put their own stamp on their home. People want their home to represent their style and taste. When they decide to sell however we must not assume that everyone will like their style. You will be limiting your market.

Remember we want to Appeal to the Larger Market not just a few that like your design. We help give you the Objectivity needed to Present the home to the Broader Market and ways of doing this that are cost effective. Again you must Remember that when you decide to Sell the Home you need to then start Thinking of Your Next Move and that the home no longer belongs to you. Release the emotions and memories attached to your home – they are yours and can never be lost. Now it is Time to See your Home as Someone Else’s.

Hard as this is, I know, as you do grow attached to things but you need to Depersonalize the Home to Suit all Potential Buyers. A Fresh Set of Eyes can make the Difference and give you a Fresh perspective, as well as a Step by Step Guide on how to Best Achieve this. Let’s face it;

If a Home Feels Good and Looks Great Your Property is Sold!

People buy on Emotion and how a Buyer Feels Directly Impacts on the Price they Offer. Home Styling gives you the
 Greatest Opportunity To Sell Your Home Quickly and for Good Profit.

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